Aluminum Luggage Tag Review

Luggage tags seem to be one of those almost disposable items given little thought or attention until there’s a reason for concern. They either work or they don’t it seems. With the rough handling bags see during travel you need something lightweight, long lasting and durable. Aluminum luggage tags seem like they’d be just the answer to this dilemma. When we were offered a pair of complementary red aluminum luggage and bag tags for review by amazon seller Travelambo we were happy to agree. Did these aluminum dog tags pass our test or did they fail to meet our expectations. Read our aluminum luggage tag review to find out!


What We Received:

Metal Luggage bag tag review in package

We received a pair of aluminum luggage tags in an anodized red finish.  Each was packaged in a simple clear plastic bag and shipped in a bubble wrap envelope.

Each luggage tag features a large viewing window with a card stock paper insert that slides in for your identifying information. There are spaces for your name, address, telephone and email address. One thing we didn’t like about these luggage tags is the ID window leaves all of your contact information on the card open for viewing. The design has since been revised and they’ve gone to a more private strip window that leaves only your name open for easy viewing.

Each tag features a stainless steel cable with screw together barrel connectors for attachment purposes.


These are very durable luggage tags. The aluminum feels very strong. The anodized finish can be susceptible to scratching but that doesn’t concern us much. They’re only luggage tags after all.

These should definitely stay put. They feature a strong stainless steel cable with a barrel connector that screws together. Screwing the cable together to secure to a bag takes a bit of effort but we like that. It doesn’t seem like these will come undone during travel.

Overall, this product’s durability seems great. The tags may get dented and scratched during handling but they shouldn’t be destroyed or lost with rough handling. That’s all you can ask of a bag tag!
Red Aluminum Luggage Tag Review




  • High quality durable aluminum construction
  • High quality stainless steel attachment cables with strong connectors
  • Attractive choice of colors
  • Bright colors increase make finding and identifying  your bags very easy
  • Affordable



  • The stainless steel cable is slightly stiff and a little difficult to screw together.
  • The I.D. window on this older version of the product leaves all of your contact information openly visible to passersby. The newer version has corrected this issue.


Overall we highly recommend these aluminum luggage tags to anyone that needs an affordable and durable travel bag tag. The red finish and unique shape make finding these tags easy to find at a quick glance. The quality construction should mean these tags last a long time. Our only issue with these tags was the privacy concerns over all of our information being readily visible, but that has been corrected with the newer version. For this reason we highly recommend purchasing the updated version where only a name is visible.


Where to Buy:

Interested in this product after reading our aluminum luggage tag review? Check them out on amazon or ebay for the best deals.



Aluminum Luggage Tags








Ease of Use





  • Durable
  • Affordable
  • Stays put
  • Makes finding luggage easy
  • Increases likelihood of lost luggage being returned


  • Can be dented, scratched etc.
  • Window leaves ALL contact info viewable
  • Stainless steel cable is a bit stiff and difficult to connect

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