We help you buy whatever floats your boat!

Reviews. If we had to describe our site in one word that would do it. Our entire existence is about telling you what we think of products, services, creative works and more. Of course there is so much more to our story than that. Let’s start with our name.

Despite the thoughts our name might conjur, we aren’t a website that exclusively reviews rafts.  That’s not to say we won’t review your raft. . .we will. Well maybe Mark won’t. (He can’t swim.) The rest of us are completely down though! We review a lot of stuff: from movies to video games to tools and household appliances and more.

If this isn’t a website dedicated to reviewing rafts, how on earth did we come up with our peculiar name? Let’s take a look a look at one of the definitions of the word raft.



1. a great quantity; a lot

1825-35; variant of “raff” meaning a large number


Our site features a lot product reviews. Simple enough right? What’s that? The meaning has to be deeper? You need more of a back story behind our name. Let’s do this.
We love writing reviews. We also love to shop and we know how vital an honest and detailed product review can be when making a purchase decision. It can be very frustrating trying to weed out the real reviews from all the fake padded reviews on many ecommerce websites.  That’s why we make it our mission to help you with your shopping decisions.


Our Mission:

Our mission is to help the average consumer get the best product and best value for their unique needs. We endeavor to accomplish our mission by conducting honest, unbiased and thorough product reviews that stand out in the sea of products and reviews available online. 

Consider us your life raft in the turbulent ocean of products and reviews posted on the internet. There’s no need to tread water when it comes time to finding an online source for credible product reviews. Don’t waste your time swimming upstream or dog paddling through dozens of fake and unbiased reviews anymore. At ReviewRaft.com we’ve got your covered.

Finding well thought out and honest reviews is harder than you might think.  As the internet and technology evolve and become more and more accessible it seems biased and questionable reviews become more and more common. The easier it is for people to post reviews, the more the world wide web seems to be polluted with biased and worthless product reviews. Let’s be real. This isn’t rocket science. Anyone can start a site like ours. Anyone with a smartphone can start reviewing products online. Starting a channel to post review videos on YouTube is even easier yet. The problem is not everyone can do it well. Maintaining integrity, transparency and honesty when conducting reviews is not something everyone is capable ,or willing, to do.

The big review sites are another problem all together. Many of the larger well known consumer review websites churn out short reviews with little value other than pleasing advertisers or the company that sponsored the review.  What about the online shopping sites that allow actual customers to review products. Surely those are honest right? Sometimes.

Many consumers aren’t scared to jump online and spend some time leaving their honest thoughts about a product they’ve purchased. The problem is there are probably just as many online reviewers with ulterior motives eager to post reviews for their own benefit.  Let’s not forget most of these customer posted reviews are moderated. Bad reviews can be buried, overlooked or deleted all together. Worse yet,  despite the loosely enforced rules against it, many major eCommerce sites are riddled with fake product reviews posted by the sellers themselves or someone they’ve compensated. You’d be shocked to know how many free products are given away on these sites specifically in exchange for a glowing positive review. We’ve seen it first hand which is one of the reasons our founder chose to start this site.

Our Promise:

Our promise is simple. We’ll always tell you what we think whether you want to hear it or not.

This promise holds true whether you’re the consumer, seller, retailer, wholesaler, manufacturer or somewhere in the middle.  We’ll always give you honest opinions and well thought out detailed product reviews from the typical consumer’s point of view.

If all of that isn’t enough to earn your trust, we’ll even go out of our way to save you some cash by helping you find the best deals on the product you’re interested in once you’ve made a purchase decision. We’ll post links to deals, sales, coupons and more.

Simply put . . .

We help you buy whatever floats your boat!