Review Policy

For the purposes of this website and policy: the terms “We”, “our”, “us”, and similar terms refer to and/or owner and staff. The terms “you”, “user”, “your(s)”, ”visitor”, “visitors”, “fan”, “subscriber” and all similar terms refer to individuals or organizations visiting or reading content at or to the owners, providers or the authorized agents of the owners or providers) of the product, site, item or service we are reviewing. The terms “policy” “Terms of use”, “Terms” and similar terms refer to the policy described here on this webpage.

Generally speaking, the term “review” is a formal assessment or examination of something. This is generally done to share information with others and/or with a secondary intent to help institute change and to assist with product or service development and improvement.   The word “review” can be either a noun or a verb. Review or reviewing would be the act of conducting said review.

This Review Policy applies to any and all reviews published on this website and any other site or user account controlled by us.  This includes (but is not limited to) reviews posted by us on social media accounts, social media pages, social media profiles, third party content sites and more. Please note our Review Policy applies to any review regardless of the review format including (without limitation) review formats such as written reviews, photos, graphics, text, oral reviews, audio reviews and/or video reviews. This policy also applies to certain scenarios that aren’t necessarily product reviews such as sponsored posts, unboxing posts, product features, products submitted for testing and more.

This Review Policy also contains important information governing the review product submission and review process itself.

1.  Material Affiliation.

Due to the nature of this website and the services and information provided herein, it is advisable to assume ( unless otherwise stated) some sort of material connection exists between our website and any other website, service, product, organization or company mentioned or reviewed on our website.

Any opinion expressed, conveyance of information or  personal recommendation made by this site for any particular company, website, service or product has been made in good faith. Regardless of any material connection that may exist,  all of our reviews are an honest an unbiased opinion formulated after trying and fully testing and experiencing the product or service being reviewed to the best of our ability given the information we have at the time of review. In the unlikely event a review would require us to review a product or service without tangible first hand experience we would base our opinion  after conducting extensive researched in order to acquire and assimilate enough information to produce an honest informed opinion of the subject matter at hand.

Please note one example of a material affiliation is the fact that we often receive sample products or services for the purposes of conducting a review or in exchange for sharing our unbiased opinion and review of the item, service or product.  Another example might be us receiving a small affiliate commission if a user buys a product after clicking a link on our site.

2.  Service/Product/Company/Website/ Bias and Partiality.

Due to the potential and unavoidable material connection between our site and the subjects of our reviews, some individuals may feel a potential bias exists for the particular companies, products, services, websites and other items we review. takes every precaution possible to form an honest and informed opinion free from bias. We take great care to conduct thorough and honest reviews highlighting both positive and negative attributes of whatever we review. Our opinion is our opinion and the existence of any material connection (whether real or imagined) does not alter or change our opinion.

We form and share our honest opinion on each and every review, regardless of whether we will potentially receive compensation related to the review. It has absolutely no bearing on our ratings or review criteria.  Some members of the general public may feel this material connection creates the potential for bias, which is why we disclose it.

3.  Compensation.

As disclosed above (and as described in detail within our External Links Policy) the owner and or staff of this website may receive some sort of compensation related to the purchase of any service or product listed, displayed or reviewed on our website or related properties.   Simply put, we could potentially receive a reward or compensation for purchases or actions taken by you during or immediately after your visit to our site. Said compensation could include, without limitation, things such as: services or complimentary products, money, and more.

For example, a visitor clicks on a hyperlink at this website and makes a purchase afterwards, signs up for a free trial or inquires for more information on a product or service. In these instances we may receive compensation such as a small percentage or flat commission.

In some instances we may accept proposals for paid product reviews. In these instances we would be compensated and reimbursed for our time spent conducting the review. We do not and will not honor requests for particular ratings etc.  Because the line between sponsored content, paid review, editorial and paid product feature can be difficult to ascertain, we are committed to full disclosure. Any paid or sponsored advertising will be clearly denoted on our site.

Please note we provide links to further information and details where to purchase products for informational purposes only. This allows users to form their own opinion.  We do NOT exchange for, trade for or guarantee a positive review for any reason at any time.

We provide details on where to purchase a product or service within reviews regardless of whether or not we liked the product or service reviewed. These links are provided as a convenience and courtesy to our users for educational and informational purposes.  Any material connection is a secondary or tertiary concern. Our main purpose is informing our readers and visitors and sharing our honest and unbiased review. In the event a reader or visitor would like a link to a product, site or service that is completely free from affiliate links and direct material connections we’re happy to provide one via email etc.

4.  Reviews are an Opinion and Intended for Informational Purposes Only.

We frequently offer reviews of products, services, creative works and more. These reviews are typically reviews of one individual or a small group of individuals that has handled, experienced and is otherwise intimately familiar with the review subject. These critical reviews are published for informational purposes only.  Nothing on this website is intended to constitute, any advice of any kind.

Some visitors may elect to purchase a product or service after reading a negative review on our site. They do so at their own risk. Some visitors may purchase a service or product and won’t have the same positive experience we’ve described. It is important to exercise your own due diligence. We recommend reviewing numerous reviews and opinions before making a purchase. Consulting with a professional if applicable before purchasing products or services from any retailer or website.

None of our reviews are intended to be defamatory, derogatory, or inflammatory in nature. These reviews, whether positive or negative in nature, are simply an opinion provided for informational purposes only. Our reviews simply convey our opinion.  Said opinion is offered only to assist users and the general public in locating information to formulate their own informed opinion.  Our reviews are never published with the intent of committing slander or libel or other malicious activities.

5.  We Share Only Our Honest and Informed Opinion.

We conduct unbiased and honest reviews from the general public’s point of view. We take the entire process seriously. You won’t find any short one or two sentence reviews here. We put forth a great deal of effort and invest a significant amount of time into each and every review conducted.  Our effort and rating are not influenced by the source of our products or by any potential material connection. Regardless of whether we were provided a sample of the product or whether we bought it ourselves for the purposes of testing and review we provide only our honest and informed opinion.

We do not trade, barter, exchange or sell our opinion or rating. We do not and will not promise or guarantee any rating (positive or negative) prior to conducting a thorough review process. We may accept products in exchange for a review or for purposes of a potential review. Please note we only promise our honest opinion. We will openly and honestly discuss what we liked and disliked about the review subject matter. In the event our experience with a product, site, company or service is very unpleasant or negative we reserve the rite to remove, unpublish, or not publish a review entirely. We may hear and consider request from manufacturers, sellers and other authorized agents of review subject matter to revise, remove, amend, or not publish a review at any time at our sole discretion. Our site content is our own and we are not obligated to remove or alter any content unless required by law.

6.  User and Visitor Comments and Feedback Regarding Review Content.

We welcome feedback and input from the public and from those associated with the products or services we review. We are open to receiving communication from anyone, but we don’t allow any outside source to influence or bias our reviews or opinions.  Furthermore, any approved or registered user may submit a comment in the comment section of our reviews and/or editorials or other approved content areas. This permits a venue for visitors to provide further information and opinions for consideration for publication on our site. Any comments or user submitted content is screened to help ensure it doesn’t contain spam or other inappropriate content. We are happy to present differing opinions and points of view. However since we do screen and review all comments submitted, it may be necessary to make omissions and other minor modifications to user submitted content such as comments. We cannot guarantee comments submitted will be published exactly as originally submitted, without minor editing, or published at all.

7.  Submitting Products for Review.

In the majority of cases we need to have first hand experience with a product or service before we can review it. We need to physically see, feel, handle, experience and interact with a product or service in order to conduct a complete review and form our opinion. Purchasing every product we review would not be financially possible for a small business such as ours. As a result, we often receive and accept offers of products for review.  Interested parties can inquire or request to submit products or review topics via our Review Request Page. Additional details are also provided within our website.  Alternatively, feel free to contact us at [email protected] or [email protected] for more information.

8.  Submission for Consideration – Submission of a Product Does Not Guarantee a Product Review.

Submission of an item to us for review shall be considered only a submission for consideration for review. We receive many review requests and many review product submissions. Some of them are unsolicited. Unless prior written agreements or arrangements have been made, the submission of a product, item or subject for review to does not guarantee a review will be posted on our site. Nor does said submission guarantee a feature, mention or review posted within, on or from any social media or third party accounts controlled by us.

9.  No Guarantee of Review Completion, Timeliness or Uptime.

We do our best to post reviews in a timely manner and as soon as possible after choosing to conduct a review. However, we also do our best to conduct thorough reviews after fully experiencing and evaluating a product, location, or service. This takes time and the amount of time required varies with each review. Therefore, absent an agreement with us stating otherwise: we make no guarantee a product, service or item will be reviewed within a certain period of time, by a certain date or reviewed at all. We do not guarantee any review or content will be available in perpetuity, for a specific period of time or available at all.

10.  Reviews Remain the Property of

Reviews written and/or posted by are our property. Absent our written agreement or some other agreement expressing the contrary, we maintain the exclusive control over, and rights to, the content we generate and post. We may, at our sole discretion, consider third party opinions regarding suggestions pertaining to our content.  However, we are under no obligation to honor any external requests regarding the publication or maintenance of  our content unless legally obligated or compelled to do so. This includes, but is not limited to: requests to post specific content, requests to delete or alter  reviews, requests to delete or post specific photos and more.  We reserve the right to edit, alter, post, move, archive, unpublish, recategorize, delete or repost our content as we see fit.  We will not agree to any change, alteration, redaction, omission or other action we (at our sole discretion) determine might jeopardize our integrity, bias our review process, or constitute unethical or immoral behavior.

If you are an official employee or representative of any product,service,company or website that is the focus of a review on our site with a complaint or other issue with said review we are happy to receive your feedback. We are happy to consider additional information, opinions and your point of view. We are happy to consider all information available to us at the time of the review or some point in the future when reevaluating a review.  Please note our opinion is just that: our opinion.

We do not change or alter reviews or ratings simply to satisfy a third party. Aside from a court order or other reason legally compelling us to do so, we are not obligated to honor any specific requests, demands or recommendations made by any third party pertaining to any of our reviews or related content. That being said, we welcome open communication and are happy to consider any requests presented to us. While requests or suggestions pertaining to a review may not change or opinion or cause us to edit our review or editorial ,we may be able to reach a resolution suitable to all parties involved. We’re happy to re-review something if changes or updates have been made to a product or service for instance.

11.  Waiver of the Right of Prior Review Approval.

Unless we previously agree in writing prior to submission, by submitting a product service or thing for review you waive the right to inspect or approve our review, any versions of our review , written copy we may use in connection with our review, and any related content used in all forms and media for publication by us. While we do not allow other parties to influence our opinion or review, we do understand how a negative review might impact a retailer, merchant, distributor or manufacturer.  Although we are not obligated to do so, upon your request or upon our own volition we may allow you to view and consider our review related to your request prior to publication. In the event you decide our review is unfavorable or undesirable we may (although we are not obligated to) take action related to suggestions or requests of you or your authorized agents. This includes but is not limited to actions such as revising our review with additional information, not publishing our review or refusing the requested action or suggestion altogether.  Please feel free to contact us for further information or to address your specific concerns.

12.  Submitted Products Become the Property of

Unless other arrangements have been made, any products or items submitted to for review become the property of upon delivery. We will happily honor requests to return review products that comply with the policy described herein and hereafter. In the event you (whether a seller, merchant, retailer, manufacturer, organization or individual) would like your product returned after the review process is completed these details must be discussed and agreed upon by us in advance at the time of submission.

We may hear requests to return at a later date but we are under no obligation to return a product unless the details have been discussed and agreed to prior to, or at the time of, submission.  Review products are opened, used and fully tested by us to the best of our ability. You agree any product returned will be accepted by you in as is where is condition. In any instance involving a return of a review item, any and all return shipping or postage costs are your responsibility.

After the initial review is complete, a submitted item or product that remains our property will be used, transferred or disposed of as we see fit at our sole discretion. Disposable single use products are typically fully consumed or destroyed during or after our review process. We may keep and continue to use and test a product or service for long term review and testing purposes. Other common options include giving away products to our readers and fans, donating review items to charity, selling used items, selling used items and donating the proceeds or portion of the proceeds to the charity and more.

12.  Nofollow Link Attributes Used Within Reviews, Paid or Sponsored Posts.

We may agree to post links to purchase or links to more information regarding the products, services or sites we review and related subjects. Please note we make a good faith effort to maintain compliance with FCC guidelines regarding endorsements, advertising and marketing. In addition, we often voluntarily or otherwise follow applicable rules, guidelines and common practices of third party organizations when it is in the best interests of us, the general public and/or are readers and site visitors. We place an emphasis

One instance is product links within review posts and advertising. Please note any links on our site posted within in (or related to) a review post, sponsored post, paid advertisement or other related content will feature the “nofollow” link attribute and required disclosures. This ensures FCC compliance and compliance with Google’s Policies and similar policies

13.  No Guarantee of Any Rating or Opinion.

As previously stated we do not and will not guarantee any opinion or rating prior to conduct our normal thourough review process.

14.  Types of Products Accepted or Refused.

We consider each product review request receives as  a case by case basis. We do not have many specific requirements regarding the types of products we will or will not review. We do, however, have a preference for the following categories of review products:

  • Technology such as Consumer and Home Electronics (Audio, Video, Entertainment, Mobile Phones etc.
  • Computers and Computer accessories including peripherals and networking components
  • Video Games, Video game consoles and related accessories.
  • Vehicles
  • Tools and Home Improvement Supplies
  • Automotive Tools and Supplies.
  • Automotive Parts and Accessories
  • Hobby Electronics
  • Toys and Games
  • Creative Works such as Movies, Music and Books. (Physical Copies are Preferred)
  • Pet Care
  • Mens Shoes, Clothing and Accessories
  • Sporting Goods
  • Home or Office Cleaning Products
  • Destinations
  • Services

The above list is not all inclusive and simply represents the main areas where we have much review experience.  We will consider reviews for many things not described herein. We also reserve the right to refuse to review any product or service or other review for any reason at any time.

15. Limitations of liability

We will not be liable to you (whether under the law of torts, under the law of contracts or otherwise) in relation to: our reviews, the review process, the contents of our website, the use of (or otherwise in connection with) our website or services for any indirect, special or consequential losses. This includes but is not limited to any business loss, any loss of revenue or income, loss of good standing or reputation, loss of goodwill, loss of profits, loss of any anticipated savings,  loss of contracts, loss of contacts, loss or decline in business relationships, or any loss or corruption of information or stored data or information. We are not responsible for any damage to any product, item, service etc. that may be caused during or after the review process. This includes but is not limited to damage during testing and review and damage during shipping or handling.

The aforementioned limitations of liability apply even if we have been expressly advised and informed of said potential loss.

Be advised that this Review Policy shall considered part of the entire agreement and policies governing your use of and interaction with us and our website.  Those additional Terms and Conditions and policy apply to the entire agreement and your use of this site as well. The entire Terms of Use and all of the Policies regarding use of our site and related resources can be found at the following page:

Your use of com and related resources constitutes your acknowledgment that you have read, understood and are in complete agreement with the details of the Policy herein, and all of our Terms of Use, conditions and policies for our website. In the event you are not in agreement with our policies, terms and conditions you must not make use of our website or any related services or resources.

Questions, Comments Concerns

Questions regarding our policies can be directed to us via email at [email protected] or using the information on our contact page.