Submit Review Products

While we purchase many of the products we review with our own funds, a small site like ours doesn’t have the funding to purchase each and every product we review.  As a result, many of the products were provided for purposes of testing and review. If you’d like to submit a product for us to consider for review, please read the details provided below and our Review Policy that outlines most of the details. After you’ve read and agree with the details you can submit your request or inquiry using the form and information below.

General Guidelines:

Please read our entire Review Policy regarding product reviews as it contains very important information not necessarily listed here. We’ve provided a breakdown of some of the main points here.

1. We do not guarantee a particular rating, opinion, score etc.

We offer only our honest and unbiased opinion of whatever we review, whether that opinion be positive or negative. We cannot and do not engage in unethical practices such as exchanging a positive review for a product.


2. Submission for Consideration for Review.

We sometimes received unsolicited product submissions. Sending us a product (or access to a service) should be regarded as submitting something for consideration for review. Feel free to inquire or contact us before submitting products or review subject matter. We do not guarantee any product will be reviewed.


3. No guarantee of completion, timeliness, duration etc.

When we decide to review an item or service etc. we do our best to review it in a timely manner and as soon as possible. We strive to conduct thorough reviews and this process takes time. The amount of time required depends on the topic of the review as well as how large our review queue is. As a result, unless we’ve previously agreed to a time frame, we do not guarantee a review will be posted within a specific period of time.


4. Review Products Become Our Property.

Unless we previously agree otherwise, review products submitted to us become the property of at the time of delivery or review publication. We’re happy to return a review product if the return has been previously discussed and arranged. Any and all return shipping or postage costs are the responsibility of the party requesting the return. Those review products that aren’t consumed entirely within the review process and that are not returned will be used, transferred or disposed of in the manner we see fit. Some products remain in use by us for long term testing and review purposes. We also regularly donate many products to charity after our review.


5. Non-Disclosure Agreements.

For product testing and evaluation requests we are typically willing to abide by and sign reasonable and ordinary Non-Disclosure Agreements.


6. FTC Guideline, Google and 3rd Party Policy Compliance.

Please note we work hard to comply with FTC endorsement guidelines and the policies of many third parties such as Google, Amazon etc. As a result we typically include required disclosures and disclaimers within our reviews. We also regularly use the “nofollow” link attribute on hyperlinks posted within our reviews to comply with proper Google SEO practices and guidelines. Due to Amazon policy we’re unable to review Amazon products provided to us free or at a discount within the Amazon platform itself. We are able to review them here on our site however.


7. Testing Software, Services, Applications, Games Etc.

We generally prefer to test full versions of software and services as opposed to free trials or demo versions. We will require a licensing key or full unlocked version of these items in most cases.


8. Types of Products Accepted.

We consider each product review request on a case by case basis. Currently, we do not have many specific requirements regarding the types of products we review. We place an emphasis on, and have a preference for the following categories of products:

a. Technology such as Consumer and Home Electronics (Audio, Video, Entertainment, Mobile Phones etc.
b. Computers, Computer accessories, peripherals and networking components
c. Video Games and Video game consoles
d. Vehicles
e. Tools and Home Improvement
f. Automotive Tools, Parts and Accessories
g. Hobby Electronics
h. Toys, Games
i. Books, Movies, Music and Other Creative Works
j. Pet Care
k. Shoes
l. Clothing and Accessories
m. Sporting Goods
n. Home or Office Cleaning Products and Accessories
o. Services
p. Destinations

The above list isn’t all inclusive but gives you a good general idea of the types of products we prefer to review. We’re happy to review all requests so feel free to contact us. We do reserve the right to refuse a review of any product for any reason at any time.