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Whether at home or work, there are many situations where we encounter the need for a bright, hands free flashlight.  Here are a few examples we’ve encountered just the past month or so: walking the dog at night, searching for something in a dimly lit storage room, working on a car, fixing a leak under the sink and trying to see under a desk to route some computer cables. It isn’t always possible to have a willing friend, family member or coworker around to be your third hand and hold the light. Putting the flashlight in our mouth might work but it is a temporary, gross and unhealthy solution. When an amazon seller offered us the chance to review this LED cap light at no cost in exchange for our honest opinion, we jumped at the chance. Let’s get straight into the details and our thoughts on the product we received.

Clip on LED Cap Hat Light review

About the Cap Light:

We received a clip on, adjustable beam focus, 3 mode, battery powered LED cap light. (Say that 5 times fast!) What brand is it? It doesn’t matter. Like many affordable products offered via amazon and other e-commerce sites, this appears to be a somewhat generic product design that is constantly re-branded with the name and/or logo of various companies and sellers.  That is typically a good thing because it allows for some competition with price which means you often score a pretty good deal.

Photo of package front LED cap light review

Back of Package - LED Cap clip light review

Our cap light came in a plastic blister package. The package has the typical rough around the edges English often seen on imported product packaging. There isn’t much to setting up and using this little light so the packaging doesn’t bother us at all.

This clip on LED hat light features predominately cheap plastic construction. The clip, battery compartment, and lens all appear to be made of plastic.  A portion of the lens housing feels like it may be the cheap aluminum the  “Aircraft-grade Aluminum” line in the product listing refers to. There isn’t enough aluminum here worth touting as a product feature.

We really like the fact that this light is powered by 3 AAA batteries and not some harder to find button or coin style batteries that secretly make us cry inside.  Setting up the light was as simple as popping in the 3 batteries and pressing the power button on top.

LED hat light battery compartment open product review photos


The light has 3 separate modes: high, low and strobe. Pressing the power button once turns on the light and gives you the bright beam of high mode. According to the specs this light has a brightness of approximately 155 lumens.  High mode is certainly bright. It will hurt your eyes if you look into it, which is why you don’t want to do that!

Press the power button again and you’ll cycle to the low beam mode.  If you press the power button a third time you’ll enter strobe mode from low mode. Strobe mode simply pulses and strobes the LED lamp on and off. This is great for increasing visibility while walking at night or during an emergency situation.

cheap LED Hat Light clip on reviews


Adjustable Beam Focus:

The light beam has an adjustable focus which can be adjusted by simply sliding the head of the light forward or back gently. Slide the lens housing out for a focused and narrow beam and slide it in when you need broader illumination. At first we thought this was just a gimmick but we found ourselves frequently using this feature to put light where we needed it most and not everywhere else. It isn’t perfect, but we found the feature helpful.

There’s also a red ring lens around the middle portion of the lens housing. If  you have the housing slid out enough, a little light passes through the ring and it glows a subtle red color. This is great for increasing your visibility at night.



We found this hat lamp to be both light and comfortable. With our cheap AAA batteries installed this clip on hat light weighs in at 2.5 ounces. With the head lamp extended straight out at a 180 degree angle and the lens housing out all the way, the light measures approximately 4 1/8″ long by 1 3/8″ tall at it’s highest point by 2 1/4″ wide at the widest point. It has a small footprint and we found it comfortable to wear for extended periods.

This light easily clips to the bill of a baseball hat or similar headwear but can also be clipped to a shirt, belt etc.



We first put our light into service back in late September of 2016. In all honestly we didn’t expect it to last long. We’re pleasantly surprised to report it is still going strong. It has received moderately heavy use of 1-3 times per week since then. It has survived nearly a year and a half at this point without major issues. Our light is a bit beat up looking but it has survived falls from short distances and being thrown in a utility drawer after every use. We’ve been through a single set of 3 AAA batteries.

We had some concerns about the plastic construction, particularly with the clips being plastic. With reasonable care and normal handling those fears have proven to be unfounded. If you need something that can take a very rough beating your best bet would be a headlamp with straps and something built a bit better. We have our doubts how well this would survive rough outdoor abuse but it has held up just fine under sinks, working on cars and more!

Our other main concern was the switch wearing out. You do need to press the switch multiple times each time you use the light. We expected the switch to wear out prematurely but so far it has not.

So far our major complaint is our light looks a bit worn. The main area for the battery compartment and clip has a flat black and soft finish almost like a rubber feel. Over time that has been scratched to expose shiny black plastic underneath. Our lens also has a couple minor scratches because we’ve been less than careful in our handling and testing at times. Aesthetic issues aside, we have no major complaints with about a year and a half of use on the clock! We’ll do our best to update this review if we have any developments to report in the future.



  • Very bright LED
  • 3 Modes to choose from
  • Red Light and strobe mode are great for increasing visibility at night and during emergencies
  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • Easy to use
  • Good battery life
  • Runs off of 3 AAA batteries
  • Runs Cool
  • Affordable hands free lighting solution
  • Adjustable lamp angle
  • Adjustable beam focus



  • Cheap Plastic Construction
  • Can be knocked off if hit hard enough
  • Plastic body gets beat up and scratched over time if you aren’t careful


Overall we were surprised to like this cap light as much as we did.  It has performed better than expected and even the concerns we had about durability due to plastic construction have been unfounded so far. The bottom line is we would recommend this one to anyone looking for an affordable clip on LED cap light. This one is a good buy if you can snag it in the $7.00 to $10.00 range.  Beyond the $10.00 price point you might be better off spending a bit more and getting a more durable headlamp with straps. If you’re looking for an affordable, adjustable, clip on cap light this one could be the perfect solution!


Where to Buy:

View search results for this product on Amazon.com: http://amzn.to/2E4UXv4

Browse LED hat lights on eBay.com.



3 Mode LED Hat/Cap Light

Price: Varies ($7-$15)







Ease of Use


Battery Life



  • Affordable
  • Easy and Convenient Use
  • 3 Modes: High, Low, Strobe
  • Adjustable Angle and Beam Focus
  • Bright


  • Cheaper Plastic Construction
  • Can be Knocked Off
  • Gets Scratched Easily With Frequent Use

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