Magnetic Car Phone Mount Review

The smartphone has become ingrained into our daily lives to a point where it is difficult to leave home without it. Taking your phone with you on the go in a vehicle is a must. Despite the fact that most newer vehicles have built in Bluetooth and a slew of apps and technology, keeping your phone within easy reach while driving is still of utmost importance. When I drive my phone is used for calls, payment info, streaming music, navigation, traffic apps and more. The problem has always been where to put your phone while driving.

The feel of a large screen phone in your pocket while driving can be more than annoying. Large bulky cradle mounts are a thing of the past and often look ridiculous. Tossing a device that costs hundreds of dollars into the center console is impractical and a bit foolish. I had been searching for an affordable, sleek and simple phone mounting system that actually worked. When we were offered a free review sample of the VINIOUS aluminum magnetic vent phone mount I quickly offered to be the product testing guinea pig.

Magnetic Car Vent Phone Mount Review


In the Box:

Packaging on this product is simple, yet still a bit surprising considering the affordable price tag of under $10.00. we received a Rose Gold colored magnetic phone mount. Other color choices are available and include: black, silver, red, blue, gold, grey and purple.

Our product arrived via We were expecting this to be tossed into a bubble envelope. Instead we received a phone mount carefully packaged inside an attractive clear plastic cube package. Pretty nifty and a bit beyond our expectations.

Magnetic Phone Mount Review in box Magnetic Phone Mount in box with lid off

In the package we found the phone mount and two metal plates. There’s a small round metal disc with adhesive tape mounted to the back. The other thin metal plate is a larger rectangular shaped plate.


These phone mounts are made to clip to your vehicle’s dash climate control vents. Please see the sample photo below to get an idea of how this looks when installed.


Installed in car - Magnetic Car Phone Holder review

The magnetic mount has four rubber coated pegs on the back side. You simply push the phone mount clip over the slats on your dash vent. We noticed the clip pegs have two different widths. You can rotate the dash vent in one orientation for a narrow fit or spin the entire mount the other way to use the clip with a bit wider spacing.

Magnetic Phone Mount review Back of Mount

Once the magnetic base is mounted to your dash vent you need some sort of magnetic metal on your device for the magnetic base to stick to. This is where the previously mentioned thin metal plates come into play. If you have a light phone with a thin case you might be able to use the larger rectangular piece of metal. The idea here is you place the rectangular metal plate inside your phone case, between your phone and the case. This makes the steel plate hidden and provides a very attractive solution. Unfortunately the magnet on the base isn’t strong enough for this method to work unless you use a very light and thin case. If you have a heavy fun in a thick case you can probably forget this method. For example, I use a thin dual layer hybrid case with a kickstand mounted in the backside. the extra thickness of the kickstand on the back prevented me from safely using the metal plate inside my phone case. The phone stuck to the mount, but not strongly and safely enough and would fall frequently if jarred.

I had to resort to plan B: the self adhesive round metal disc. This disc is meant to be mounted to your phone if you don’t use a case. I elected to try mounting the disc on the back of my phone case. It worked perfectly. I wasn’t thrilled with the look of a quarter sized metal disc mounted to the back of my case at first but I quickly grew accustomed to it.



Does the phone mount work? Absolutely! The convenience of slapping my phone on the mount is something I’ve fallen in love with. As long as you use the right metal plate for your scenario you’ll be pleased. I suppose the magnet could be stronger for those who have huge bulky style cases. If you have a large heavy phone with a thick case you’ll likely have to mount the self adhesive plate disc to the outside of your phone case. With my current setup the phone has fallen a few times, but only because I (or my passengers) have accidentally knocked the phone off the cradle with a hapless arm swing or fast food bag.

One of the great things about this mount is you can put your device on it in either a vertical or horizontal orientation. Everything looks good and stays where we put it which is about all you can ask of a magnetic phone mount!


Durability and Long Term Performance:

This product was put into service a year and a half ago and is still working just as well as day one. The aluminum body of the mount base is durable and easy to keep clean. The rubber surfaces are better quality than expected and have held up fine without issue. The metal plate mounted to the back of my phone case is a bit scratched up but that is to be expected because it takes a ton of abuse. Thanks to strong adhesive and properly cleaning the phone case before installing the self adhesive metal disc, everything has stayed put. I have to admit I expected the adhesive to fail. I’ve been pleasantly surprised. We’ll update this long term review if anything changes.



  • Affordable
  • Durable
  • Attractive
  • Very easy to use
  • Performs well
  • Available in a variety of colors
  • Allows your device to be mounted in portrait or landscape mode or any angle in between
  • Can also be used with iPods, iPads, tablets etc.
  • No annoying bulky cradles or suction cup marks on windshields like the old days
  • No permanent modifications to your vehicle or device
  • No potentially harmful adhesives stuck on your vehicle’s dash
  • Lifetime warranty


  • We don’t like the VINIOUS name/logo on the rubber base.
  • Hiding the metal plate inside your phone case may not work if you have a bulky phone or case
  • May require sticking a metal disc on the outside of your phone or case
  • Phone can be physically knocked off the mount if you hit it hard enough
  • Pricing varies a bit. The more popular colors are up to a few dollars more expensive.



Overall we can highly recommend this magnetic phone mount. If you’re looking for an affordable, low profile magnetic phone mount this is a good choice. It has performed well in our long term testing.


Where to Buy:

This product is available via

Magnetic Phone Mount for Cars






Ease of Use







  • Affordable
  • Easy to Mount and Use
  • Works Well
  • Extremely Durable
  • Many Colors Available


  • The name on the mount is annoying
  • May require you to stick a metal disc on your case or device
  • More popular colors are more expensive
  • Phone can be knocked off if struck etc.

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