Idakey Stainless Steel Carabiner Key Chain Review

Lightweight carabiner key chains are a great addition to anyone’s life. They are an ideal way to keep multiple keys organized and ready to go at a moment’s notice. The ability to quickly and safely attach or detach keys without losing other keys in the process is an important plus. When an amazon seller offered to send us a complementary sample in order to conduct a stainless steel carabiner key chain review, we were happy to agree.

key chain review gift box closed

What We Received:

We received the Idakey Stainless Steel Carabiner Key Chain with anti-loss technology.  Our key chain came in a very sturdy and attractive gift box. The blue gift box features a satin yellow padded insert and a blue bow on the lid. Our key chain rested inside in a small plastic bag. The box and presentation were perfect for gift giving. It almost seemed over the top for a simple carabiner clip keychain. With that said, we were impressed.

Carabiner key chain gift box open


About the Key Chain:stainless steel carabiner key chain review

Several different versions of this key chain are available including different sizes and colors.  For our stainless steel carabiner key chain review, we received the larger Dark Gray version.  It measures about 2.83 inches long by 1.37 inches wide at its widest point by 0.15 inches thick. It weighs in at just under 1 ounce making it light but durable.

This multi-function key chain features full stainless steel construction. This carabiner prevents lost keys by the unique two area design. Part of the spring design divides the carabiner into two separate areas. Keys can be protected from loss by pulling them into the inner circle area below the carabiner opening. This prevents keys from being accidentally lost when attaching the carabiner to belt loops or other items or when adding or removing other keys. It is a simple and effective design that we’re a big fan of.

This carabiner key chain does double duty thanks to the bottle opener included on the side.


Idakey Stainless Steel Carabiner Key Chain Review Summary


  • Attractive
  • Durable
  • Nice Gift Box
  • Easy To Open With One Hand
  • Anti-Loss Feature Prevents Keys from Falling Off or Coming Off with the Clip Open
  • Includes a Bottle Opener Feature
  • Nice Size and Weight



  • The price may be a bit high. We can’t help think some of the added cost is due to the fancy gift box. We’d happily do without the box if it reduced the price.



We are very pleased with this key chain overall. The durability and performance are better than we were expecting.  We really love the ant-loss feature. It works very well to prevent keys from being inadvertently detached. We’ve used our carabiner to hold keys. The bottle opener works well but it isn’t a feature we use often.  Our only complaint is the price.  The large key chain is priced at $12.99 at the time of this review. That does include free 2 day shipping and a nifty gift box but the price still seems a bit steep.

Overall we are pleased.  We recommend this key chain to others based on our experience so far. We’ll update this review in the future if we have any additional thoughts on this product.


Stainless Steel Carabiner Key Chain












Ease of Use







  • Attractive
  • Good Size
  • Durable
  • Ant-Loss Feature
  • Easy One Hand Opening
  • Multiple Colors and Sizes Available


  • Price

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