Apor Stainless Steel Business Card Holder Review

Finding a simple, affordable, elegant and durable business card holder can be a daunting task. There are seemingly endless choices on the market today.  When an Amazon seller offered to send us a business card holder for purposes of testing and review we were happy to oblige. Let’s get straight to our stainless steel business card holder review. This post may contain affiliate links. See our external links policy for full details.

Stainless Steel Business Card Holder Review

 stainless steel business card holder review photo of product from front

What We Received:

Amazon seller, Apor, sent us one of their full stainless steel  business card holders. They sent us their silver version which is essentially just the natural look of brushed stainless steel. A black version is also available. Our business card holder was sealed in a plastic bag and placed inside an economical, but attractive, cardboard jewelry style gift box.  Unfortunately the gift box itself was basically destroyed. That’s nothing to be upset with the merchant about. Our business card holder was shipped directly from Amazon.

Unfortunately Amazon’s shipping and distribution center threw our business card holder into a bubble envelope for shipping. The business card holder arrived intact, but the gift box was partially crushed. We definitely wouldn’t want to give this as a gift in the nearly destroyed box we received. We’ve provided photos below.  Fortunately, this is a stainless steel business card holder review and not a review of Amazon shipping practices.


We love the simple and sophisticated design of this business card holder.  The brushed stainless steel design looks modern without being too flashy or dramatic. The shape of this card holder features simple right angles. It looks great on nearly any desk top and is sure to be at home in any office whether it the decor is contemporary, traditional or something in between.


Stainless Steel Business Card Holder Front View

business card holder left side view Stainless Steel Business Card Holder review right side view card holder side view


This desktop business card holder measures about three and a half inches long by 1.4 inches wide and just under 2 1/4″ high. It is the perfect size for displaying your business cards without cluttering a desk or counter.  The holder boasts a capacity of around 30 business cards of standard size and thickness.

We were most impressed by the weight of this holder. It definitely seems incredibly durable.



If you’re looking for something that can withstand being handled, bumped and knocked around this is the business card holder for you. The durable solid stainless steel construction is evident from the moment you first touch the product. The weight is substantial. Our holder weighs in at  5.6 ounces. The thick gauge stainless steel should be able to withstand anything normal daily life throws at it.  The only damage we can imagine is the surface being scratched but that should be easily repairable. Other than that it would take a fall from a significant height onto a hard surface or excessive force to dent, bend or damage this business card display.



There’s not much to say here. No news is generally good news. It works as intended! The capacity is as reported. It takes a decent amount of force to knock the holder over. The only complaint we had is the lack of small rubber feet or something similar on the bottom. We don’t forsee this sliding around due to the weight. There is a small chance this durable item could damage a fragile desk top since there is nothing cushioning the bottom of it. We feel that’s an unlikely scenario but one worth mentioning. Purchasing some thin rubber or felt pads for the bottom of the holder is something that can be done easily and inexpensively for those who are concerned about this scratching a glass desk top or other surface.

Although not the recommended purpose, we’ve also used this as a phone or device stand on a few occasions.


  • Attractive
  • Very Durable
  • Solid Stainless Steel Construction
  • Works as Intended
  • Available in silver (shown) or black
  • Capacity of approximately 30 business cards
  • Logo on the bottom of the holder where it is out of sight.



  • No rubber or felt pads on the bottom to protect fragile desk surfaces.
  • Ours came in a gift box that was basically destroyed. (Not the seller’s fault.)
  • The price at the time of review is $13.99. When we factor in our free Prime shipping this doesn’t seem too far off but it may be steep for some. This is just a bent piece of stainless steel after all. A price of somewhere in the $10.99 range seems like a better price point to us. However, this is very high quality stainless steel which isn’t cheap.



Overall we’re very pleased with this product. We were very surprised at the substantial weight and quality of construction. If you’re looking for something worlds better than cheap acrylic, plastic or light weight aluminum look no further.  Based on our experience so far we’d highly recommend this item. Our only complaint is we feel the price seems just a little bit high.  If we encounter any issues in the future we’ll be sure to update our stainless steel business card holder review. For now we feel very comfortable recommending this product for purchase.


Where to Purchase:

This product is available on Amazon. Click the links or images here to check current pricing and availability.

Apor Stainless Steel Business Card Holder












Ease of Use





  • Attractive
  • Good Capacity
  • Durable
  • Substantial Weight
  • Good Capacity
  • Easy to Use


  • Price just a bit high
  • No rubber feet on bottom
  • Our gift box was mangled due to shipping

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