Audew Multi-functional LED Flashlight Review

We’re always looking for new tools and LED lights to recommend to our visitors. Few things are as handy and frequently used as an LED flashlight. When you combine more than a few functions into one tool we’re even more interested in testing it out. When Audew contacted us offering to send a review sample of their multi-function LED flashlight we were happy to oblige their request!  How many functions can you pack into one flashlight? Find out in our Audew multi-functional LED flashlight review below.

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Audew Multi-functional LED Flashlight Review

Audew Multifunction Led Flashlight Review Contents

What is It?

We received the Audew Multi-Functional LED flashlight. This is a flashlight, lantern, emergency strobe light, buglight and portable powerbank in one convenient device.

This rechargeable LED lamp has various lighting modes and useful functions. We’ll explore all of them a bit later. For now just know this light is extremely useful for camping, biking, hiking, survival, for use in emergency kits and much more!
Audew Flashlight Box Front

Audew Multi-Function LED Flashlight Review - Picture of Box Back

What is Included?

Our light came in long rectangular cardboard box. The flashlight comes securely packed inside in a slide out plastic tray. The cardboard was a bit worn but the box is suitable for gifting or short term storage. Contents included the following:

  • Flashlight/Lamp
  • Wrist Lanyard/Hanging Lanyard
  • Short Micro USB Cable (For recharging the light and for charging devices from the light)
  • Instruction Booklet

Led light product review

This multifunctional flashlight packs a ton of features in a relatively small and lightweight footprint. Measuring in at just under 9 1/2″ long by 1.6″ by 1.6 this tool is small and easy to handle. It weighs just over half a pound, or 9 ounces to be exact.  Based on those specs and the sub $20 price tag at the time of this review, you’d probably assume this light is pretty basic. You’d be wrong! We are impressed with many features seen only on more expensive lights.


LED Lighting Modes

Naturally, the highlight of this product is the light.  This Audew light features 6 different lighting modes:

  • Standard Flashlight Mode (Light emits in a narrow beam out the end of the flashlight)
  • 3 Different Lamp ModeS: White light comes from the main tube body in 3 different selectable light levels (Strong lamp, medium light and a soft glow.)
  • Mosquito/Bug Repellant Mode: An amber hued orange light glows warmly and attracts less mosquitoes and bugs than bright white light.
  • Blue and Red Emergency Strobe


Portable Rechargeable Power Bank

In addition to serving the sextuplet of lighting functions, this LED lamp also pulls double duty as a portable power bank. The built in 5200 mAh rechargeable Lithium battery allows you to charge your phone or mobile devices in an emergency!

Out of the box we thought our light’s USB charging port was defective. It refused to charge any android or iOS device we plugged into. We tried multiple devices with many different charging cables.  All yielded the same results. The light refused to charge other devices. On a hunch we  thought perhaps the multi-function lamp needed to be fully charged in order to recharge another device. We charged our LED light for a couple hours until the read charging light stayed on, indicating a full charge.  At this point we plugged our phone into the charging port and a blue LED light greeted us. Our phone started charging.


IP68 Water Resistant Design

This lamp features a sealed design backed by an IP68 International Standard rating. That means it is sealed well enough to withstand dust, sand, dirt and plenty of water.  While many refer to an IP68 rating as “waterproof” we still feel water resistant is a better choice. If this lamp gets dropped in the water, splashed with water or rained on it will be fine. It even floats!

IP68 rated devices should be guaranteed to resist damage due to submersion beyond 1 meter for sustained periods up to a specified pressure, depth and/or time.  Simply put, an IP68 device  or IPX8 rated device offers better waterproof protection than IP67 or IPX7. How much “better” dust or moisture protection is often left to the manufacturer to specify. In short, an IP68 or IPX8 rating often leaves actual depths, pressures or periods of time a device can safely be submerged up to the manufacturer to test and report.

The box for our T25 rechargeable lamp says it can be used for diving. The product listing on Audew’s website mentions it can safely be used under water up to a depth of 3 meters (9.84 feet).  Although we haven’t taken our light diving, we’ll assume it will safely handle any depth a conventional diver might take it. We certainly had no issues using this light in our test shop where it is constantly exposed to dust, dirt, sawdust, moisture and more. We simply clean it up by rinsing it off and wiping it dry.

The main housing of the light is a sealed thermoplastic design. The button end features an aluminum metal cap sealed with a silicone button cover and gasket. Unscrew the cap to gain access to the USB charging port and the micro-USB charging input. Screw the cap back on and the charging ports are protected against water entry again.


Magnetic Mount and Convenient Lanyard:

One of our favorite features of this product is the strong magnets. A flat magnet on each end of the light makes for an awesome mounting option. You can quickly mount this light on the underside of a hood, on a toolbox or any steel or iron surface where a magnet would stick. We’ve found this ideal for working around cars, in garages or around the workshop. We’ve mounted our test lamp to the side of toolboxes, under the lid of a toolbox, under a hood, on  suspension components under a car and more! The magnets offer a great way to hold the light up and out of the way both for use and storage.

When you need to hang or carry the light, the convenient wrist lanyard comes to the rescue.



Using this light could not be any easier. One button does it all. Simply press the button on the end of the lamp to cycle through the various modes. One press turns on the flashlight mode. Next you’ll enter the low lamp mode followed by medium and high. Your 5th press turns on the orange bug repellant mode. Another press and the lamp enters the 6th and final mode: the blue and red emergency strobe light.  Press the switch again and the light turns off completely.  You can shut the light off immediately at any point, in any mode, by holding the button down for approximately 2 seconds.

When it comes time to recharge the light, or use the USB charging port, you simply unscrew the end of the lamp where the button is. Plug in the included cable and your ready to charge. You can even still use the lamp while it is charging.



Long Run Time:

In all honesty, we’re still not sure exactly how long this light will run on a single charge. Obviously it depends on a variety of factors, including which light mode you’re using.  We’ve yet to run our light completely dead after a few weeks of on and off testing.

The manufacturer claims it should offer at least 8 hours of continuous use. So far we easily agree with that claim. The box mentions anywhere from 5 to 60 hours of use depending on the mode. For now we can say it offers many hours of use as a light. We’ll update this review if we ever manage to invest the serious amount of time it will take to track time usage on a single charge across the various modes.



Based on the low price we weren’t expecting much. Audew proved us wrong. While not without some minor issues, this light features many useful features. The various lighting modes make this perfect for a variety of activities. This can be a main light source when camping, hiking, backpacking, travelling, boating, hunting, fishing and more! We found ourselves using this product in our garage and test workshop very frequently.

The highly dust and water resistant design mean you don’t worry much about hurting this light while using it.  The IP68 waterproof rating allows us to use this light around, in, (and even under) water. We think nothing of running this under a sink faucet or hosing it off to clean it quickly after use.

The long run time on a single charge allows us to enjoy light for many hours on a single charge.


  • Affordable
  • Durable
  • Easy to Use
  • Many Different Light Modes (3 different lantern light levels, flashlight mode, mosquito mode, and emergency strobe light.)
  • Strong Magnetic Mount
  • Wrist Lanyard
  • Portable Powerbank
  • IP68 Waterproof Design
  • Floats
  • Charging Cable Included



  • Bright orange and blue color scheme isn’t for everybody. We’d love to see some different color choices.
  • The threads where the cap cover screw on are plastic, making damage and wear more likely than metal.
  • Flashing Red and Blue Lights Could Get You Into Trouble. Be sure to check your local rules and regulations concerning the use of flashing red and blue lights in, on or around your vehicle or the roadway.  Displaying flashing blue and red lights may be illegal in certain situations in many States in the US for example. While increasing your visibility n an emergency situation is certainly important, be sure to educate yourself if you need to do so on the side of the road for assistance.
  • Thanks to some failed glue, one of the magnets pulled off of our light the first time we attached it to a toolbox.   We remedied the problem quickly with some super glue and haven’t had an issue again.
  • The box and instructions feature some pretty poor translation into English.
  • We had to figure out our light wasn’t charged enough to be used as a power bank right out of the box. The instructions don’t mention the blue LED light or what to do if the flashlight doesn’t charge other devices. We can see this confusing less tech savvy users into assuming their light is defective.
  • The orange mosquito light serves more to attract less mosquitoes more than it actually repels them. Certain colors/wavelengths of light are more visible to insects. The orange light is theoretically less visible or attractive to mosquitoes and simply doesn’t attract them as much as white light might.


Where to Buy:

Get it on here.

Buy directly from here.


Audew Multifunctional LED Light










Battery Life


Mounting Options


Power Bank Performance


Packaging and Instructions




Ease of Use



  • Affordable
  • Durable
  • IP68 Waterproof rating
  • Dust and impact resistant
  • Floats
  • Many different light modes
  • Bright
  • Long Battery Life
  • Magnetic mounting is a great idea
  • Easy to use


  • We're not fans of the bright orange and blue color scheme
  • One of our magnets pulled off
  • Packaging and instructions feature some poor translation into English
  • Red and flashing strobe light could be a potential legal problem

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