7.2V Easy Lite Dirt Devil Cordless Hand Vac Review

Cordless hand vacuums are a great convenience. They’re lite, portable and easy to use on the go. The downside is they’re often quite expensive. When we came across the affordable 7.2V Easy Lite for under $20 we were excited to try it out. Did this product live up to our expectations or where we disappointed? Read our Easy Lite Dirt Devil Cordless Hand Vac Review below to find out!


7.2V Easy Lite Dirt Devil Cordless Hand Vac Review

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7.2V Easy Lite Dirt Devil Cordless Hand Vac Review

We found this affordable hand vacuum (model number BD10250) at a local Target store for just $17.99.  The awesome red color drew our attention right away and the price sealed the deal. For about 6 to 7 months this product performed admirably. We were very pleased . . . until the battery prematurely gave up the ghost. More on that later.

What’s in the Box:

We received the cordless hand vacuum, instruction manual and ac wall adapter charger. The vacuum includes a filter for the dirt cup and a handy fold out crevice tool integrated into the product.


Set Up:

Set up is minimal. The main drawback is you need to plug in the unit and allow the battery to charge fully for 24 hours before the first use.


Ease of Use:

This vacuum is incredibly easy to use. Simply unplug it from the charger and slide the power switch to the on position to begin vacuuming. If you need to vacuum crevices, the flip out crevice tool integrated into the front of the vacuum is an awesome design. To use the tool you just flip out the crevice tool so it is parallel to the vac and then push it up slightly to lock it into place. Once finished, store away the crevice tool by reversing the procedure. Pull the tool down or out slightly to unlock it. Then flip it up and fold it towards the vacuum body until it locks into storage position.

7.2V Easy Lite Dirt Devil Cordless Hand Vac Review Picture of fold out crevice tool in use


Messy bags are a thing of the past. The Easy Lite cordless vac features an easy to empty dirt cup.  Just press the release button on top of the unit to detach the dirt cup from the handle. Then just gently pull the filter out, dump it in the waste bin and tap it against the edge lightly to dislodge excess dirt, dust and debris. Next simply empty the contents of the dirt cup itself into the trash and reassemble.



Initially, for about the first 6 months or so, we were very pleased with this vacuums performance.  We weren’t expecting much from a 7.2 volt motor. We feared this might be a bit on the anemic side when it came to suction and power. After all, cordless hand vacuums boasting 20 volts and beyond aren’t all that unusual at this point. We were pleasantly surprised when it came time for this useful tool to do its job. It picked up dirt, dust and debris well and we actually used it around the office at least several times a week.

Keep in mind this product isn’t meant for huge jobs. That said, it is ideal for cleaning up small messes around the bedroom, office or in a vehicle.  The Easy Lite has a comfortable handle that large and small hands easily grasp.  A light weight makes this versatile tool easy to carry around on the go. The noise level is about what you’d expect and is quiet enough to use at home or in the office without being too disturbing to others.


Battery Life:

Our biggest complaint with this product has been premature battery death. Battery issues greatly hamper this otherwise awesome product.  At some point between the sixth and eighth month of use, this vacuum’s battery life rapidly declined without much warning. Issues started with the vac having a little less battery life with each use. We initially suspected this was an issue with our charging. We sometimes use the vacuum and plug it back in to charge without completely depleting the battery level.  This can lead to negative consequences with some types of batteries

Many rechargeable batteries can develop an issue if they are frequently partially charged or charged before fully being fully discharged. The cells develop voltage depression in a scenario commonly referred to as “memory effect.” In essence the batteries gradually lose their maximum charge capacity if they are repeatedly charged after being discharged only partly. The solution to this dilemma is usually quite simple. You simply recondition the batteries by fully discharging them and then recharging completely. This is what we did several times. Unfortunately it hasn’t helped. Battery life has continued to decline. Things have now degraded to the point where the battery will not charge at all.

Curious as to whether we received an odd defective battery pack, we hit the internet. We quickly discovered we are not alone in our experience. We scoured reviews on the manufacturer’s website and several major online merchants. One theme prevailed in the majority of negative reviews: battery issues. Many customers have experienced this issue over the years.


  • Very affordable
  • Simple design
  • Easy to use
  • Love the red color
  • Flip out crevice tool integrated into the dirt cup is great idea
  • Light weight
  • Comfortable grip
  • Red charging light illuminates during charging
  • Product stops charging when battery is fully charged
  • Worked well while it lasted



  • Battery failed in less than a year and won’t charge or hold a charge
  • The flip out crevice tool has a plastic hinge that can wear out over time. Ours broke at the hinge but we were still able to use it without issue afterwards.
  • Large “wall wart” AC adapter charger is a bit bulky



So what are our thoughts at the conclusion of our 7.2V Easy Lite Dirt Devil cordless hand vac review?

We loved this product while it lasted. We’re a huge fan of the red color. The light weight, comfortable grip and ease of use make clean up a breeze. The flip out crevice tool is a great design idea but is subject to damage from use if not handled carefully. Overall the nail in the coffin for us was battery life. We’re slightly upset the product didn’t last a full year. Then again, we did pay less than $20 for it.  Based on our experience we can’t, in good conscience, recommend this product to others. If you’re looking for an affordable hand vac that might only give you 6 to 12 months of useful life this may be the product for you. If you want something for long term use we’d highly suggest scrounging up another $10 to $20 and putting it toward a better quality cordless hand vac.


Where to Buy:

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Dirt Devil Easy Lite 7.2V (BD10250)










Noise Level


Ease of Use


Battery Life





  • Cost
  • Beautiful red color
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to use
  • Comfortable grip for all hand sizes
  • Easy to empty
  • Good performance
  • Built in fold out crevice tool.
  • Quiet
  • Great for home, office, vehicle


  • Rechargeable battery failed in 6-8 months
  • The fold out crevice tool has plastic hinge design. Can be fragile
  • Large "wall wart" charger is bulky

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